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Limesurvey Template iPad Tuned Blue, Limesurvey Template Shop

Limesurvey Template iPad Tuned Blue


Limesurvey Template iPad Tuned Blue

Main colors:

black, white, blue, grey

Optimized for:

Desktop, Laptop, Tablets

Supported Versions:

Limesurvey 2.0, 2.05, 2.06


This is a fully tested and optimized Limesurvey tablet template. The template was tested using the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab but it should work fine with other tablets as well. Of course, you can also use it for surveys targeting participants using a common PC/Notebook.

To make it easer to click the usually rather small radio and checkbox buttons we "tuned" the template to overlay these elements with larger images. You can also upload your own images if you prefer different colors. This makes it the perfect template to serve different devices.

  • Question elements are left aligned, buttons are centered, radio buttons and check boxes are replaced by larger images
  • Logo placeholder to easily add your (clients) logo on the left, centered or at the right
  • Tested with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)

Recent updates:


  • CSS adjustments for Limesurvey 2.06
  • Fixed alignment issues for RTL layout
  • Styles for text questions harmonized
  • Improved slider styles


  • Improved "Array Dual Scale" question design
  • Fixed weird auto-scrolling behavior when clicking answer label


  • Adjustments for Limesurvey 2.05


  • New button styles
  • Optimizations for print answers and statistic pages


  • Added support for Limesurvey 2
  • Added dynamic template path detection so you can now rename the template.
  • Special styles for new ranking question design added.
  • Added support for exclusive option.
  • Fixed minor issue at Limesurvey 2 when "no answer" is used at dual scale questions

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