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Automatically send email invitations



When running lots of surveys, sending out invitations once a survey should start can cause quite some work and trouble. To make your life easier, we are offering this cronjob script which you can use to fully automate the process of sending survey invitations.

The script will send invitations to all participants with a valid token and email address.
Invitations will either be sent to all surveys or only to a list of surveys which you can define at the script settings. Of course, the invitation email will only be sent once to each participant and only to those who have not finished the survey yet.

Installation instructions:

  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Read the "installation.txt" file for your Limesurvey version for further information.
  • (Optional: Limit email sending to a predefined list of surveys.)
  • We recommend to call the script each day at 23:59 to be sure that no more tokens will be added that day.
  • Note: For Limesurvey 1.92 a start date is required as well and only surveys which start the current day will be affected by the script.
  • When using Limesurvey 2.06 please make sure to run build 151126 (dated November 26th, 2015) or later.

Supported Versions:

Limesurvey 1.92, 2.0, 2.05, 2.06, 2.5x

Recent updates (starting 2016):


  • Include adjusted server setting for "invitation sent" timestamp


  • Added support for Limesurvey v2.50
  • Fixed optin/optout links within email texts


  • Added additional check to make sure each user has a valid token assigned


  • Improved batch size check to only send emails of a following survey if batch size was not reached

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